Monday, December 14, 2009

Positive Attitude

I have been inspired to write a blog post by my dear, dear husband.He has such a gift for a positive attitude. Let me illustrate: I weighed myself in the hopes of seeing progress for the baby weight loss, not too bad. Lane gets on there and the weigh scale reads: 193 lbs. He gets off, moans and says, 'I'm so fat!' No more than 3 seconds later he gets a bright smile on his face and exclaims, '200 pounds of solid love! Can you handle it?!' He kind of sounded like a loud loco that you witness on television from a football game but I could not stop laughing.My response to his inquiry is, 'I'll try.'

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I would like to do something for you Mom...

I was cuddling with Porter as a routine part of bedtime. This pretty much consists of me laying beside him while he talks, plays pretends, goofs around, whichever option he chooses and then I usually laugh or on occasion leave, after having my nose rammed with his head.
Tonight, he was just talking to me, sharing his thoughts. He said, "Mom. (pause) I want to do something for you. Like a castle." So I said, "What do you want to do with this castle? Do you want to build me a castle?"
His reply, "Yep."
That's muh boy! He's so sweet and thoughtful by nature. In 20 years, I'll send a notice to my neighbors to move aside for the big leagues and make room for my new castle that my strapping son is building for me!

Ape Appreciation Yo

I just watched 'Gorillas in the Mist', which is a film based off of the journals of Dian Fossey, a researcher and conservationist of Mountain Gorillas. Watching the movie reminded me of the need and the interest I have in conservation. I think the first step is becoming more educated on it.
I took a Primatology class at the U of C in 2007. The first half of the semester was mediocre to lame-o and then the tides took a turn, my friends. Brian Keating, head of the Conservation department at the Calgary Zoo taught the second half of the semester. He is truly a great teacher. He makes students not just learn but love what they learn and want to practice and act upon what they learn. I learned that problems for endangered species isn't just because of poaching or pollution, the majority of the problem is land conservation. They can try to preserve as many of any given species as possible but what good does it do if they have no where to live, to reproduce, to eat their natural foods?
I never thought I was a monkey or ape person, as in I never thought about them in any given moment; however, everything changes when you learn about it. My favorite great ape is the mountain gorilla, followed by the orangutan. Two things I would like to experience in my life time are going to the Borneo orangutan preserve and to Rwanda to witness a gorilla family for a day (or more). :)
Learning about these animals has given me a new and unrealized appreciation for Heavenly Father's creations. They really are remarkable. I am in 'awesome wonder' with these animal. To think I previously couldn't even stand a domestic cat coming near me! Actually, I still can't stand cats coming near me (they seem a bit tricky) and while I'm at it, I'll add squirrels to the mix. They seems a bit edgey.
Joking and admittances aside, everyone at point or another is impressed by some diverse and exotic animal. I think the second part of that is also seeing things with a fuller perspective, that is seeing Heavenly Father's hand in everything. By doing this, we learn and appreciate them as one of His creations. In fact, when we acknowledge His hand in all parts of our life, it always gives greater understanding.
The Calgary Zoo has tonnes of opportunities and information on conservation. They're part of an accredited zoo program that makes it possible for them to breed with animals from other zoos instead of taking them from the wild. They are also committed to donating money and research for conservation around the world to protect endangered species in their natural habitat.
Other good places to look are:

These three webites were all created because of three women known as Leakey's angels. Louis Leakey, a renowned anthropologist, hired three women: Dian Fossey to study Gorillas, Jane Goodall to study Chimpanzees and Birute Galdikas to study Orangutans. Their work is what has saved these species to the present day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Learning at Home

Honestly, I feel inadequate when it comes to projects and learning styles for young children. It is just not in my mindset, possibly because I'm a 'me' person and I've had to learn to be more conscious of others as I go along; however, motherhood makes it easier because I really do want to serve those I love the most. By the way, I love my kids and the big man (Lane) the most, although don't think I couldn't do nice, lovely things for you too.
Another thing, is I love intellectual learning and until I had completely adorable children (I could've just said children but my children happen to be adorable. It's practically like a title. It could even be one word), I could only possibly fathom how to think and have a conversation with an adult. Learning and teaching styles were all adult based. Kids, me no clue. It had never crossed my mind to develop any skills in the childhood development realm. In fact, spending more than 15 minutes with kids while they were not sleeping was okay, past that it was torture (this was before my own of course).
Pretty much, I was clueless/CLUELESS as to what to do with kids. Once Porter was born and I would see what other mom's were doing, I'd think, 'seriously? Seriously?! Am I deficit because how did they just come up with that?' I think I am beginning to accumalate more knowledge in that area and can come up with things much easier than before. I also have Primary to thank for that. After I got married and was going back into a family ward, the calling I feared the most was Primary/children. Like I said, I just had no idea what to do with them. In retrospect, I realize now that the fear was a lack of knowledge.
Through a lot of time, frustration, mistakes, and in the end, fun, I gained a lot of knowledge on kid age appropriate activities by serving in three different Primary presidencies beginning when Porter was two weeks old. It was hard in the beginning but it turned into a huge blessing because it helped prepare me as a mother. I can whip together a sharing time in no time now. I am like the masked sharing time bandit. ;) Truly though, I do feel blest.
Second thing, is I had no idea the benefits of the blogging world until this last year. Who needs internet search engines to find good ideas on everything imginable, when you have blogs? I'll tell you: you don't need them. Blogs can be the encyclopedia to life. Okay just kidding! But I love getting ideas from them. I need to come up with efficiency tactics though, sometimes I practically get dizzy linking from one to the other, over and over until I have no clue how I got there or how I'll find it again!
Well, there's probably a third, fourth, and a hundredth reason why I am finally getting the kid creativity concept but it's coming, at a nice tortoise pace BUT they say he did win the race so maybe I'll be a wicked awesome grandma one day. ;) Bottom line, I've had a lot of other great young mom rolemodels to copy living in the southeast. Another blessing of location.
Here's some fun things that Porter and I have done recently.
Apple stamps:

Paint: We put paint in a bag and he was able to swirl it and make different designs with his finger without getting dirty. Porter hates having anything on his hands. Another thing he really liked on another glorious painting day was doing textures. We scrunched up paper, rolled his cars through the paint, used sponges, the works.

Learning the Alphabet. So far we've hit up the big running letters 'A' and 'B'. The first picture he had to find all the Big A's, then little a's, Big B, little b. He has success. Bravo ma boy. The last picture I wrote a row of letters and then did a box underneath the ones I did. Then it was his turn. By his turn, I mean mommy assisted turn. As well, it was also open mic time too. Sing your way to success is going to be the title of my next and first book. It's how I'm going to make it to the big leagues and compete for front cover space from Jon and Kate.

Edible Paint: So, clearly my creativity seems to be limited to paint. This is edible paint, namely milk and food coloring. He's painting his bread and then we toasted it, cut out a shape and ate the delicious morsel.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby (aka Elephant)

Who would've known two years ago that a dollar investment was worth more than Kodak's priceless pictures. For Porter's 2nd birthday, my pal Silvana and her niece came and brought Porter this Elephant. For a while, this elephant's name was Elephant.
I thought Porter adjusted pretty seamlessly to life with a new baby; however, I have witnessed ways it has affected him. From now on, when you see my firstborn, he's Muma PoPo. Just kidding, don't call him that.
This elephant not only is by Porter's side, he has now become a well nurtured child by a loving parent. By the way, don't call him 'Elephant'. Porter has re-named him 'Baby'. In fact, I called him Elephant and Porter was quite curt and clear, 'Not elephant, it Baby!' Pardon me. ;)
Here are some toucing pictures capturing Baby's growth and love in our meek and modest Trim household.
Behold baby being swaddled. Baby is not happy so Pappy Porter comes to snuggle him to sleep.

Grady was laying on Porter's bed and Porter lifted up Grady's arm and shoved baby under there. Grady looking a little dumbfounded. Poor guy is helpless although I'm sure he doesn't mind having baby there. Baby and baby! Awwww...

Lastly, Elephant waiting for a warm meal while quietly playing with a toy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Sunday Bloopers

Well, this past Sunday is what the Spaniards call, "LOCO!" My cousin was in town and was going to meet me at Church at 11:00 am. Lane was working that morning so I was cruising around and multi-tasking like a chimp. I just cannot seem to conquer it. I see a gnat and say, 'A gnat!' It's not that bad; I hope. Exaggeration folks! Well, I got out the door at 11:00 am instead of being at the Church at 11 am. I'm cruising down the road I like to call the 'I-tardy'.
Then I remember I have a movie due back at Blockbuster at noon. Curse them for their new 2 day policy. They take the 48 hours seriously! Now I have an errand I have to do or be penalized. The only thing to help this situation is speed like demon. I'm cruising to Mckenzie Towne when a cop steps onto the road and waves me to pull over. I should've floored it and faced the consequences later. Kidding! It wasn't Lane and this guy looked big and tough. As I rolled down my window and waited I started to sweat and began thinking of my pathetic plea I was going to give. I've been practising my speech for years now and all of a sudden it seemed really retarded. 'Officer, I should've known better! My husband is a police officer.'

I look at him guilty and then's Lane's partner! He said he was all excited because before he knew it was me he thought he was going to get a good one (if that explains how fast I was going). Then I hear Lane's laughing. He was in the second unmarked car beside his partner's police car. I was a joke to liven their day when they realize it's 'Trim's wife'.

I got off with a warning and continue on after being pulled over by the coppers. I pull up to Blockbuster and practically leap off my seat. Unfortunately, I am still a chub-chub from the baby and was wearing a jean skirt that was too tight. I had no feeling left in my butt so how was I to gauge where it swings?! I hit the door lock. I realized it before it was too late but this van is still new to me and as I was in a haste and couldn't find the unlock button fast enough, I just left the door open. As I took a few steps to the other side of the vehicle to get the movie out, my door closed! Locked out of the van with the two kids inside! Oh no! I ask Porter to open the door but he's strapped in, never opened a van door and laughing hysterically. No help at all. I can't remember Lane's number in his car. I go into Blockbuster and start using their phone and call the same three friends a few times each. I finally start leaving messgaes that go a little something like this, 'This is Stacey. I am stranded at Blockbuster and locked out of my car. I know you probably think you have a late movie because it's Blockbuster but you don't...I think. Please pick up your phone!'

Nobody picks up. I finally call the police station and get someone who will give me Lane's number. Then I call Lane and he leaves his post to come unlock the van for me.
As he unlocks the van from his car I can see him giving me a thumbs up for encouragement but the embarassment is shining through. Now his partner who just pulled me over hears I just locked myself out of the car. But I swear I am a genius!

I made it to Church at the ripe time of 11:45. My cousin thought she was in the wrong ward. Thankfully, she stuck it out and waited. In the end, we crowned the day with a warm bowl of Mac n'cheese and then the world became right again. The end.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trains on the mind

Bright and early at 10:00 am I'm hearing some thudding coming from Porter's room. What I didn't know was behind closed doors was actually a construction site.
He had moved his curtain and hooked it on his bed for a little lighting and put on his Percy the Train hat to set the mood.

He then started propping up his books to make a tunnel for his pal Thomas. When I opened the door he was starting Thomas' engine and letting him travel through the long tunnel to be rewarded at the end by the light of day.

I only got a quick witness of it because then he stood up like he might be in trouble and even started to take it down. Poor fella. Little did he know this was a camera moment to document his creative genius! In fact. while I started to take pictures of it all, he started to take it down to give me the hint that he was tired of taking pictures!


A few weekends ago I went to Time Out for Women. Whilst Grady and I were away in Edmonton, Porter and Lane were working on their manliness. Porter says to Lane, 'Dad, can I pee in grass?' Lane says, 'Sure.' I mean why not, right? So in our backyard, Porter whips down his pants to his ankles and aims for the middle of the grass. No folks, the yellow grass on the lawn is not from a dog but from my son. J.K. Then while we were on our family walk, the same one where Porter scraped his elbow, Porter said, 'I have to go pee!'
I panic, we are so far from home, how are we going to make in time for him to go the bathroom? Lane says, 'Come with me', and away they go into the bush. When Porter came out he said, 'Mom, I feel better!' This is a pro.

The con: Twice on our way to Church, Porter has whipped his pants down to his ankles and tinkled on the front lawn. Somewhere the line must be drawn. Peeing on the side of a highway while on a roadtrip: a good thing. Peeing on the front lawn when a toilet is 15 feet away: bad. Here is a picture of him on one such occasion on the way to Church.

I have a problem, I say no and tell him not to do that, but I guess I am too gifted at having an omniscient viewpoint. If I was just a fly on a wall, I would just laugh my guts out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, this is a family blog. I showed Lane my progress on my attempt to keep a blog and he said so sadly, so pitifully, 'There's no pictures up of my mancation.' What's a mancation you ask? It's a vacation for boys. Stinky, adorable boys. He and usually his brothers go quading in either Idaho or Utah. They get giddy at the thought of the next one. Lane started doing up a grocery list and menu six months before they went! That's excitement. That's why I could never say no. Who knows what suckered me in, maybe it's the freckles, cleft chin, who knows? Actually, I know but it's a pretty long explanation so we'll leave it at the jest on his freckles.

Lane, Brham, Kale, my cousin Sean, Kale's old mission companion Hess & his Pop all enjoyed some time in a trailer in Little Sahara, Utah.
One of the most impressive things they did was make a hot tub in the box of Brhams's truck. I thought it was hiarious. This is what happens when you get some Scout alumni together.

Stories to laugh at

Porter gave his first talk today in primary. It was about how baptism and confirmation bless our family. I was whipsering the words to him and therefore, he whispered the words to everyone else. Lane said the only thing he could hear was, 'Baptism. Confimation. Blessings. Jesus' in audible whispers. Quite cute, quite right. He seemed to like it up there. He started laughing at one of the kids and couldn't stop. It took a while to re-focus on the talk. He liked the podium. Clearly a better view of what was going on. The primary was there to entertain him. ;)

A few weeks ago, I asked Porter what he learned in primary. He said, 'Jesus died on cross.' I was really impressed that he took that away from primary BUT I wanted to emphasize that the most important thing is that Jesus lives. So I got him to repeat, "Jesus died BUT.....(drum roll) HE LIVES!' Big emphasis on 'BUT' dramatic plause and then enthusiastic, 'HE LIVES'. Many a days passed and he told me out of a random conversation that included trains, chocolate, milk in a sippie cup, and Jesus died. Then he looked at me and said, 'But he lives!' He got it and I hope that means more and more to him as time goes on.

Yesterday morning, Porter informs me that he must poo. I had my friend Wendy staying at my house and she said, 'What's that Porter?' Porter replied, "I need go poo. Want to come?" I mean who wouldn't? It's a nice, casual, social engagement. It was hilarious. He was just so openly extending an invitation for her to come hang out with him while he took in Lane's words, a 'duke'.
It's funny. Speaking of Porter pooing...I have to ask him while he's in the bathroom if he's done because if I dont' check in, he'll just get off the toilet and walk around with fecal matter attached to his bottom. There's no waiting around for the wipe. I have to be on top of my game when he announces the poo is here. So as I periodically call and say, "Porter are you done?" If he's not he'll say with a strained and grunting voice, 'Almost (strain, grunt) there.'

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roll-over Champ

On April 13th, Grady was having the recommended amount of tummy time, when before my very eyes he pusehd himself up, teetered and rolled over on his back! Brilliant child! It was very exciting. For a moment I considered it a fluke but now he won't stop. In fact, I was attempting to take pictures of his victory but he would rollover before I could take the picture! So in order to get the pictures I had to hold him with one hand to keep him on his tummy, while I stretched back and tried to position the camera. I then strategically released my hand and was hoping to catch the roll-y moment. I did this several times in order to get the pictures I wanted.

After our photo shoot, I think he thought I didn't want him to roll over probably from me holding him back from rolling so I could take a pictue. If only that could be explained to a 3 month old! He temporarily quit rolling over. He would remain on his tummy and stare at me. The next couple of days I had to re-teach him that rolling over was good. So I would put him on his tummy and give him a little push to tip him over, then enthusiastically cheer. I had to revert the false lesson. Thankfully, he now rolls over whenever he pleases with the promise that no one will stop him again. Go Grady!

Amazing Quilt!

You must go check out this blog! There's a quilt giveaway and it is gorgeous. Liz is a truly talented quilter and her designs are amazing.
Go to:
Pigtails and SnailsSource: www.pigtailsandsnails.blogspot.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soccer Mom

Our car went to car heaven, although I prefer to think it went to car hell where it deserved to go. As a result, we just bought a Honda Odyssey mini van. Lane thought he was too cool for a mini van but when you have a family and SUV's are for the elite, a mini van is the next step in life. Lane has since looked at the brighter side of things and has re-named the Odyssey the 'Silver Bullet'. That's positive thinking.
This past Saturday, April 25, was Porter's first soccer game. He is in the NSD league on the Cougar team. Get this, his jersey is navy blue and he's a cougar...a little BYU action anyone? Go Cougars! Riding in the mini van for the first time as a family, we headed to the soccer game. Wahoo, soccer mom, soccer dad, soccer star, and darling baby arriving in the Silver Bullet. We had some good friends of ours who have their daughter in the same league mock us all day long for our cliche. What's there to dispute? It was a great day though despite the cold weather. We were so proud of Porter seeing him play soccer. I love this time and this age. They're starting to be able to develop so many talents and experience and enjoy so much more.

He got two goals with the help of Pappy. Lane and Porter are going to practice soccer in the backyard just to reconfirm the idea of kicking the ball in the right direction. The tricky thing is you tell them to share all the time and then in soccer you're telling them to take away the ball from the other kid. Tricky, tricky.
Tons of fun though! I couldn't believe how much fun I had watching him play soccer for the first time! It's official, I am a proud soccer mom who drives a mini van....and who is supercool.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sewing champ!

You know, for the past year I have been endeavoring to learn how to sew. In my mind it was something much too difficult, strenuous and detailed for me to consider. My last memories of sewing was the unfinished Laurel project and my mom and I having a loud (a.k.a yelling) conversation. I'll admit, although not always, this was my fault. I had no patience for details and mistakes, take a look at my handwriting for proof.

Well, all of that is in the past for as I hit the year 25 of my existence, I'm a new gal. I like being able to personalize things to my taste and I enjoy sewing. It's rewarding to see something I did being used and looking cute! My friend, Stephanie got me started and convinced me it was possible. I'm a believer. I started slow with a pair of slippers that I never completely finished for almost 9 months. I think because I took so long, the satisfaction was more of a relief instead of a giddy, clap your hands, kind of a moment. Observe. Well, there will be a picture up soon. Adorable! My first present for Grady began before he was born and finished 3 months after his arrival. My personal favorite is the button touch. Precious!

Next, I did two projects at one. I'll reveal I was feeling a little risque and confident. But guess what? I finished them! This would not be possible without Marna Martin, one of the great sewing teachers of our time. :) I did a purse for my niece for her birthday out of pink, jersey knit camoflague. Unfortunately, my plain bag that I put my heart and soul into and spent hours on (due to my lack of skill), was no match for princess Jasmine and feathered plastic shoes. It's okay, I understand that when you're 3, handiwork is no match for pink clad action figures.
I still need to get a picture of it. I forgot to get a picture of it before I gave it away!

The other project was a pair of turtle pajama pants for Porter. What a success! He loves turtles because a good friend of ours, Erin Walters, has two adorable turtles named Watson and Crick. We call his pants the Watson and Crick pants. I was over sewing with friends and our great teacher and finished them up at 10:30 pm. I got home at quarter to 11:00 and showed Lane my MASTERPIECE and then despite the late time, I had to show Porter! It couldn't wait! My joy had to be shared and well, they were his anyway. I ran into his room, woke him up out of bed and showed him his turtle pants. He was very happy in his incoherent state. I quickly changed him into his new, amazing pajama pants so he could bask in glorious sleep for the rest of the night in his new pants.
Note the strewn matching pajama bottoms on the floor in the background. Good riddance because they are no comparison to the best turtle pants in the!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom, Relax!

Geesh! Who knew a girl could be so wrong? I'm surrounded by boys in a 3 to 1 ratio. We're driving along as a family heading towards some unimportant destination when Lane and I start discussing finances. Just because I raise my voice, does not mean I'm just means I'm passionate. I was always so confused when people said I was yelling, it made me get all defensive because I felt they were totally embellishing! I think though, I've had enough people tell me that that it has worked sort of like a comment box. I've tallied them up and there's been enough feedback that clearly I was missing something. Apparently, I talk 'extra' loud when I get excited about something but the heart of the matter is, I'm not really aware that my voice has gotten louder. It's not out of anger but out of my own persuasion! So as I was saying, Lane and I were discussing finances and I was reasoning my way through it when my three year old pointedly says, 'Mom! Relax!'
That was a first ever! Lane and I were shocked without words for a moment before Lane burst out laughing. Lane didn't have to say it out loud, all over his face was the expression, 'awesome.' I'm surrounded by laid back boys and I stand all alone here. Clearly, I need to tone it down for the boys or I'm not going to fit in this crowd. My first thought after I had a chuckle...though not as hardy a laugh as Lane's, was, 'I need to have a girl.' Mommy needs back-up! ahahah
I am the one and only over-exciteable mommy.
I get calm reminders and perspective now from my nearly old, adoring redhead and my ready to raise his folks, three year old.
So funny!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's amazing how going from a family of three which feels so complete, goes to four and feels that much more whole and complete. This may sound cheesy but it's the truth of the matter: who would've thought that when you felt your heart was so FULL for your own little family, that it just grows that much more with another addition. No scientific measurement required or equation to prove it, so people will just have to take my word for it that love for others grows exponentially and there's no end point. I'll call it the 3.14.... version of endless.
Not only that but I cannot believe how good looking my kids are. Why should I play it down? They are quality cute! Mary Poppins thought she was practically perfect in every way, well she has nothing on my kids.
A little bit more on our new addition. He was born on January 4th, 2009 at 8lb 6oz. His name is Grady Daniel Kae Trim. Grady because it's a cool name. Daniel, after my uncle who I've always looked up to. And Kae, an ode to brothers.
A few days ago, I was just looking into Grady's face and I can't quite describe what I saw. He is so special to me and being so tiny in my arms, I just see how pure he is. At this point in his life, everything he learns will be taught by me and Lane. We are trying to do more to teach Porter and soon Grady, the things that will help them gain a testimony of the gospel.