Friday, July 22, 2011

Back from the Unintentioned Blogging Hiatus

It has been a while since I have been chillin' in the blogging world. I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and I feel like in those past 15 weeks, I am a person who roams the world wishing to sleep. Not lazy, tired! Oh so, tired. I feel like it sounds quite substantial to say, 'Hello, yes, I am pregnant with my third. Why yes again, I have two very active boys (one borders on maniac... a well intentioned but defiant, maniac).'I've had friends describe such children as 'curious, little scientists, problem solvers, exciting human beings', I need to angle my perspective more to appreciating my little scientist's experiments, as opposed to silently thinking, 'please calm down. Why, why did you just rip that book and head butt your brother? Why did you bang my two nail polish bottles over my cream carpet stairs leaving them stained orange (deep red fades to orange)? Why do you continue to spit everywhere after I ask you not to? Why do you take a bite of food, chew it a few times and spit it out on the floor? Why do I not have a dog to eat your half masticated food that was spit on the floor? Why are you so cute and melt my heart directly after I want to pull out my hair?'
People used to tell me that Porter was easy. I felt there was certainly a level of difficulty to my task as a parent for sure BUT was always bewildered by their children. I have since lost my bewilderment. Now I look at people with quiet, well behaved children and am happy for them but kind of feel perturbed. My thoughts have on occasion gone like this, 'You don't really know what it's like. You don't know how I suffer during sacrament meeting. Nobody in this room can sympathize with me. You just can't know when your 2 year old sits there with a peaceful, almost spiritual zen-like smile on their face. What do you know?!' I actually don't think these things maliciously, it's more with air of 'oh, please, you probably think the scenarios in Robert Munsch books are actually exaggerations.'

Super Cute! I say, 'EEEEEEeee', and he scrunches up his face and does this really adorable cabbage patch kid look.

I had just given the boys each some sort of kitchen utensil to lick delicious chocolate cake batter off of.

Grady looked at his spatula with 'curiosity' and wiped it all over the counter. He then preceded to lick it off the counter instead. No one can deny that if you ignore the logistics of having to clean it up, that's quality funny right there.

I just thought this was a funny picture of his body language displaying whining, mixed in with demanding something, topped off with his cute gap-y teeth.

The day of INFAMY! That was a bad day. I stumbled upon a brand new bottle of deep red, Opi nail polish smashed on the stairs. This picture does not do it justice because they were puddles that couldn't absorb due to already being over saturated. Hours and hours of scrubbing, carpet cleaner, nail polish, oxy clean, lysol, acetone, etc. He was very sweet for the rest of the day.
To make a short story, really long, I have been unmotivated and tired which has resulted in a lack of blog posts; however, I still cruise the blogging scene, indulging on others blogging.
I wanted to say thanks to my cousin Krymsen for re-designing my blog. She has talent oozing out of every finger and finger nail. A new and different talent for each appendage. She said, 'Can I pretty, pretty, please, please, design your blog?' Why, twist my arm and beautify my blog! It is so much fun! Now I just need to move forward and fill up all of my cool tabs she created.


Amy said...

oh my goodness, your blog is so cute! keep up the posts, even if they are short. We need belly pics, and your wonderful humor, you always make me smile! Sorry about the stairs....we've all been there with one thing or another. try to look up when you walk up them. As for the kids in church...I'm sorry but it only gets better with three...and four! nobody's kids are perfect all the time, and I bet a lot of people sympathize. Just keep going. They keep telling me I will miss these days....
love and hugs little momma! you are awesome

Heather May said...

Hey, Congrats on number three! So exciting! I definitely feel for you. Each baby seemed harder for me. I was more tired, and older, and I swear it made a difference!

I am also happy to read of your adventures. It's nice to not feel alone in raising "curious" children! LoL our latest incident involved two tiny magnets, one medium sized boy, and his two little notrils! EEEW! and WHY!!!

I hope you have more energy soon!

Heather May