Monday, April 16, 2012

Grady is 3! Well, 4 months ago.

So my little guy turned 3 in January. I don't want his birthday celebrations to get lost and he's not 4 yet, so why not share a little bit of our partying side? It's wild! As wild as cookies and milk get! I love the theme of cookies and milk and as it turns out Grady loves cookies so it was a beautiful relationship! We had a crazy party with a bunch of cute, chubby 3 year olds, mere days before my c-section. It was crazy, half preparing my house and myself for our new baby and throwing a fantastic party for my soon to be middle child.
I had great visions of what cookies I would make but my Mom was in town to help out when the baby came AND she is allergic to chocolate. This alone wiped out literally all of my cookie creations. I was more grateful for the help but boggled by what cookies could possibly be good without even a chocolate garnish? Head scratching!
Here's what we came up with:
Sugar cookies, strawberry angel food cake cookies (mine do not look like the pinterest picture!), snickerdoodles and sugar cookie cinnamon/sugar sticks.

Peanut butter cookies, jam roll cookies...and more sugar cookies to fill out the rest of the plate. ;)

This was our get up before it was trashed. Let me just say a piece on behalf of balloons. They are a relatively cheap but effective decoration. Second, kids love them. Hello, they are multi purposed. They decorate and then you take one home like it's a floating piece of gold.

We played pin the chocolate chip on the cookie. Doesn't matter where you place it, everyone is a winner! Yeah! My small regret with this game is the white poster board. That is my inner thought, and a small, silly one at that.

The next game, we made cookie bean bags and here was our cookie bean bag contraption. My Mom got the hard job of wrapping the box but she seems to be good at nearly everything. My hand at this box would have been like I was trying to unwrap it as opposed to wrapping it. I have learned with 3 year old's they just prefer to trash a place, play with toys, run and scream. They sort of played this game but then started punching the box instead or poking their heads out the hole while somebody else threw the bean bag at their heads. Pretty much, we learn to adapt to the sweet madness and go where the party mood leads.

Next we have cake time! Instead of cake and to stay true to our cookie roots, we had sugar cookie bowls with ice cream and glasses of milk with 'milk moustache' straws.

Big bro eating displaying his stache!

The Big Birthday Boy with his very Manly Milk Moustachio!

A little farewell parting thank you. A bag to be filled with the abundance of cookie goodness. Thanks for coming.
Grady talks about his 'ber-S-day' all the time. Every time there is a party, get together, engaging toy, or a commerical, I hear, 'It's for my bersday!'
The shirt he is wearing in the picture is now be officially named his birthday shirt. It is his favorite shirt because of the association with his big day.
I'll admit, the party was crazy BUT it was worth it. Grady loved it. He loved being acknowledged, he loved the party and he had fun.
Grady is all in his facial expressions and how he talks and what he gets excited about...oh wait, and his temperment, and his animated personality. I would totally sign a reality show contract just so I could have the everyday happenings, voice, and facial expressions of Grady at this age recorded.
Happy Birthday, my friend!