Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Letter to the Masses

Hello Friends and Family!

I love the Christmas Spirit and how we are reminded to focus more on the people around us. We’ve been having a wonderful time this year teaching Porter about the true meaning of Christmas and about the significance of the birth of the Savior. Here’s a long winded update of what our family has been up to this year.
This past year our travels have revolved around specific family and friend events. My Grandpa Harrison had his 80th birthday up in Fort Kent which was a great visit. Later in the summer, we were able to to attend the Trim’s first family reunion down in Oregon. On the way up from Oregon, our little family stopped in Vancouver to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Seu. I was able to learn more about my family history from that side of the family which was a great experience. We went to two weddings, one where I flew solo to Utah and also one as a family to Rexburg where I was a bridesmaid. We really enjoyed visiting our family and friends within the province and getting to visit those who live far away. Hopefully in 2011 we can continue to strengthen and build our family/friend relationships and get to see those we weren’t able to last year.
Lane has had three great things happen this past year for him as a police officer. One, he was entrusted to train four rookie police officers (because he’s so awesome). Two, though he didn’t make it on the Hawc helicopter team in September, he did have the best test scores. He needed a few extra courses and some acting time as a Sergeant, which he has completed and is re-applying in January. At least he still gets to go up in the helicopter a few times a month. Last, and this is the best part of all, Lane passed his incident command course!! He was already able to be an acting office sergeant but this course enabled him to be an acting street sergeant. He is the big chief on the street so watch yourself. He’s decided he doesn’t want to yet apply to be a sergeant full time because of his desire to pursue the helicopter team but this was yet another way for Lane to move forward in his career. I still want to give him high five’s whenever I talk about it.
Apparently he has a lot going on because there’s one more noteworthy thing to mention. Lane has been putting a lot of effort into getting sponsors in the hopes he can attend the World Police-Fire Games and compete in the ATV motocross in New York this upcoming summer. He served his mission in New York which is really special and 2011 also marks the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. It’ll be an incredible experience so we’re really hoping that sponsorships work out.
As for myself, I’ve been able to continue classes at the UofC part-time. I attend an aerobics class regularly and it’s been liberating to feel stronger and healthier. I’m also the room parent for Porter’s kindergarten class which I like because it really enables me to be more involved and still somewhat in control in this ‘unknown’ school realm. I love being a Mom and spending my time with Porter and Grady, doing my best to raise them to be wonderful little men. So that’s kind of a big deal though it remains the same year to year!
Porter has been in swimming and soccer this year. His highlight was turning five and going to school where I also convinced him that kids who go to school have to zip up their own jackets. That really worked well for me. This was also the first year in many that we didn’t have a Thomas the train birthday party. I kind of regret saying that it was forced. There’s only so many takes you can do on a Thomas birthday cake so he settled for Dinosaurs.
Porter is absolutely loving school and he’d probably challenge anyone who did not give praises to his beloved kindergarten teacher. He has learned so much in such a short period of time. His school is a little more rigorous in the homework department but he really takes pride in the work he does. His only slight disappointment this year was when he was a hamburger for Halloween and every other boy was a superhero that wanted to eat him. He liked being a hamburger up until that point. He loves making crafts. There is not enough tape or styrofoam plates that could fill his needs.
Grady is really funny but balances it out quite nicely by being mischievous. His smile envelops his whole face because his smile is so big and once the dimples reveal themselves fully, it’s like his whole face is smiling. This is his trick after he has thrown yet another random item in the toilet. My cousin kindly put it that he’s not being bad, he’s just ‘busy’, as he turns on the water jug, dumps the dog food, digs in the plant dirt and goes to empty out a cupboard. Yes, Grady is adorable and ‘busy’. He loves to play fight, jump, run, dance, and tackle. He was in swimming lessons earlier this year and loves the water. He loves jumping off the edge of the pool like walking the plank would be a party. Grady loves to cuddle, play with cars, and read books. So along with funny and mischievous, he’s also pretty perfect.
Upon reflection, it’s great to look back on a year. We had some really great experiences together as a family that were worth the work and sometimes strain behind it. We loved every minute, with the exception of Grady screaming in the car. We hope everything is well and hope we get to hear how you are.

Love The Trims

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Rest of October

This cupcake was inspired by an invitation to a family Halloween party via the Woodruffs. I thought I'd put in the extra effort and make something truly spooktacularly festive. oooh. I felt like a jolly, old soul when I saw a picture of monster cupcakes in a Taste of Home that looked sooo easy. To sum it up, my cupcakes looked nothing like the magazine picture! Yes, you can assume the magazine's looked better.

As well, I was limited to making a mere 12 of my monster goodness because as I left the room, things got quiet (oh, blessed quiet), only for me to walk back in and find Grady had left his trademark. That's okay, my couch needed some mooshed cake into the cushions. I want people to know as soon as they walk in the door that this is a kid friendly home that they can first-hand witness from the dents in my walls, and stains on furniture. Kidding! I love my kids and everything that goes with them AND at least in hindsight, they're cute even when they create disasters but the food stains on my furniture that I can't afford to replace is a no-go.
To be honest though, I did think it was particularly funny that he took a single bite out of each one before moving on to the next. I feel as though I am a living story of Robert Munsch. His stories and characters are hilarious because they exaggerate the reality every family knows, with a 'find joy in your day' attitude. It's good to find humor while I'm vacuuming baked cake off my couch.

Thank you blogging world. I love these ghosts! I found the idea on the blog, eighteen25. One more way to preserve their childhood. To keep with the eternal handprint, I'm switching it up and this month, those fingers are going to be snowmen.

The last mow of the season. This is also the last time I saw any living plantation.

This rad snowman was created but days later. Bye, bye grass for 8 more months of cursed cold...I mean winter wonderland. Lucky!

Happy Halloween! The classic from Porter this month was that he was thrilled to be a hamburger until he saw everyone else his age was a superhero. Then he felt left out because he too, thinks that spiderman and his Marvel comrads are fascinating beings of ultimate coolness. The tipping of the scale came when the superheroes at the Halloween party said they wanted to eat him. Sorry, Po! He is a cute burger though and I loved it! He had a good attitude after he realized they really weren't going to eat him and enjoyed his day as a fully loaded hamburger.
Grady was Nemo. It never gets old for me. Grady was none too pleased with his fin hat though, but I felt it was necessary for his overall fishy look. I told him it makes mommy happy, but he didn't alter his pattern of high pitched whining. All head piece annoyance suddenly disappeared at the first sign of candy. mmmm. It's like he won the lotto after that. After they went to bed, it's like Lane and I won the lotto! jk. Halloween and all of the parties and activities, were great. Now we're just rolling forth into the Christmas season.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pre-Halloween Merriment

I discovered a new place to go to in Calgary area for some good ol'fashion family fun. It's called Kayben farms. I thought I knew the majority of the cool things to do around these parts but as it turns out, I've been missing out on the Global fest until this year (it's one of the best, if not the best festival in this city) and now Kayben farms.

This place has a pumpkin patch which has enough lure power for me by itself. I have always wanted to go to one for picture purposes but the closest I had ever had was in the fall splendor of the Eastern United States via Stars Hollow via The Gilmore Girls. Kayben also had a corn maze, a massive, bouncy contraption, slides, tire horses, old fashioned water pumps, bikes, dune buggies, wagon rides, green houses and a gigantic+enormous=ginormous scarecrow to greet you at the entrance. Here's some pictures of our Kayben Fall Festival Day.

Porter and the pumpkins.

Searching for pumpkins to take home!

Pumping water like ol'Auntie Em.

This was the funnest, bouncy...thing. Porter needed help a couple of times so I sprang to his rescue and got a few jumps in. I would spend a lot of time on this if it was in my backyard.

My sweet baby riding his first tire horse.

They had some really cute spots to take pictures, although I faced two obstacles. One, the sun was in their eyes and they were quite vocal with their complaints. Two, Grady would not sit down. The first picture I was telling Porter, 'Hold him down and then smile at the camera!'. It didn't work, can't imagine why. The second picture is Grady escaping.

I love this picture. The picture shows how fun it was. If there was nobody around, I totally would've gone down the slide too. My only concern would be if my hips would not fit the width of the slide.

Grady hitting a dead end of maize.

The Boys painting their purchased pumpkins. Tres Magnifique.

Here is some fantastic, live action footage of my epic pumpkin sling shot. I think I'm a champ in the making. I would like to say in advance that I was just warming up.

I have discovered I need a little more practice with a pumpkin slingshot. Good thing they only gave me mutated, mis-hybrid, or rotting pumpkins. I thought for sure on the second time that pumpkin was going to fly to China, instead it caught some low air and rolled not a few, but many feet short of the target. Next time for sure I'll get it. I'm all warmed up now!