Friday, December 10, 2010

Pre-Halloween Merriment

I discovered a new place to go to in Calgary area for some good ol'fashion family fun. It's called Kayben farms. I thought I knew the majority of the cool things to do around these parts but as it turns out, I've been missing out on the Global fest until this year (it's one of the best, if not the best festival in this city) and now Kayben farms.

This place has a pumpkin patch which has enough lure power for me by itself. I have always wanted to go to one for picture purposes but the closest I had ever had was in the fall splendor of the Eastern United States via Stars Hollow via The Gilmore Girls. Kayben also had a corn maze, a massive, bouncy contraption, slides, tire horses, old fashioned water pumps, bikes, dune buggies, wagon rides, green houses and a gigantic+enormous=ginormous scarecrow to greet you at the entrance. Here's some pictures of our Kayben Fall Festival Day.

Porter and the pumpkins.

Searching for pumpkins to take home!

Pumping water like ol'Auntie Em.

This was the funnest, bouncy...thing. Porter needed help a couple of times so I sprang to his rescue and got a few jumps in. I would spend a lot of time on this if it was in my backyard.

My sweet baby riding his first tire horse.

They had some really cute spots to take pictures, although I faced two obstacles. One, the sun was in their eyes and they were quite vocal with their complaints. Two, Grady would not sit down. The first picture I was telling Porter, 'Hold him down and then smile at the camera!'. It didn't work, can't imagine why. The second picture is Grady escaping.

I love this picture. The picture shows how fun it was. If there was nobody around, I totally would've gone down the slide too. My only concern would be if my hips would not fit the width of the slide.

Grady hitting a dead end of maize.

The Boys painting their purchased pumpkins. Tres Magnifique.

Here is some fantastic, live action footage of my epic pumpkin sling shot. I think I'm a champ in the making. I would like to say in advance that I was just warming up.

I have discovered I need a little more practice with a pumpkin slingshot. Good thing they only gave me mutated, mis-hybrid, or rotting pumpkins. I thought for sure on the second time that pumpkin was going to fly to China, instead it caught some low air and rolled not a few, but many feet short of the target. Next time for sure I'll get it. I'm all warmed up now!


Domestic C.O.O. said...

Love the pics. I am looking forward to taking in your new find one day. I am glad Lane was so supportive and full of encouragement with your pumpkin sling shooting. Jerky, lerky Lane. I need to talk to that brother of mine!

kimara said...

The pictures are so good! I love halloween. I realy like the video and you pathetic Did you see the amazing race when she got a watermellon in the head doing that? It was so fun hanging out with you guys