Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Introducing Maryn

Maryn Esther Cynthia Trim
Born: January 9, 2012
Weighing: 8 lb, 13 oz

There were a few difficulties and scares while I was pregnant with Maryn but she came absolutely perfect to me. I was so busy running after the boys and being exhausted that I would have to remind myself while I was pregnant to take the time to think about this little girl growing and cherish the experience. I love her! She is joyful. It felt like she was only a tiny, newborn for a couple of weeks and then before you know it, her cheeks began to expand, she would look me dead in the eye, smile and now talk to me. She commands attention. She loves to look me straight in the eye and hold my gaze. Everything else can stop so I can do that.
Maryn smiles a lot. As soon as she has figured out that she's not hungry, that whatever is on her butt is dry, and she is not drowsy (which is a short window), she is smiling. All three of my kids have dimples. To me, that is like the cherry on top. It's like an extra sprinkling of happy when they smile. I love to hold her head close to mine.
I named her Maryn because it's an awesome name. I named her Esther because that was what my name was supposed to be and it is sentimental between me and my Mom. In addition to that, Esther is a female, biblical hero especially memorable to me for her courage. I named her Cynthia after my aunt. My aunt goes by Cindy but her full name is Cynthia. This aunt has meant so much to me and will always. Her testimony of the gospel strengthened mine. Her confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ is absolutely unshakeable. I feel stronger, I want to work harder, and have a greater desire to be faithful disciple of Christ when I am around her. Both my aunt and uncle have so many qualities not only I admire, but have changed me. I really felt my self worth when I was around them. When we think of the pioneers who crossed the plains, we think of a legacy that was left for us. I wanted part of Maryn's name to leave her a special legacy. I want to be able to tell a story to each one of my children about their names. Porter was named after his dad. Grady was named after my Uncle and brothers. Maryn after Esther and my Aunt.
I'm so grateful for this little girl. It's my goal to work on being a great role model for her. I think so far, the past 9 weeks has not been too bad. Way to have a good start to the world, if I do say so myself. On a shallow note, I'm working on getting her the sweetest ladybug swimming suit. It's a battle because I know it is so unnecessary and completely frivolous, and focusing on the bigger financial battles is so important...BUT that lady bug floppy hat and matching bathing suit would be so perfect for my perfect baby! Alright, I've convinced myself!
Here's some beautiful photos we had taken of her when she was 8 days old.

I think it's kind of cool how my skin is almost the same color as the back drop. Warm hues. My opinion.

Facts are facts. There is nothing better than baby back wrinkles. Let's not forget baby forehead wrinkles as well. Melt me every time.