Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby (aka Elephant)

Who would've known two years ago that a dollar investment was worth more than Kodak's priceless pictures. For Porter's 2nd birthday, my pal Silvana and her niece came and brought Porter this Elephant. For a while, this elephant's name was Elephant.
I thought Porter adjusted pretty seamlessly to life with a new baby; however, I have witnessed ways it has affected him. From now on, when you see my firstborn, he's Muma PoPo. Just kidding, don't call him that.
This elephant not only is by Porter's side, he has now become a well nurtured child by a loving parent. By the way, don't call him 'Elephant'. Porter has re-named him 'Baby'. In fact, I called him Elephant and Porter was quite curt and clear, 'Not elephant, it Baby!' Pardon me. ;)
Here are some toucing pictures capturing Baby's growth and love in our meek and modest Trim household.
Behold baby being swaddled. Baby is not happy so Pappy Porter comes to snuggle him to sleep.

Grady was laying on Porter's bed and Porter lifted up Grady's arm and shoved baby under there. Grady looking a little dumbfounded. Poor guy is helpless although I'm sure he doesn't mind having baby there. Baby and baby! Awwww...

Lastly, Elephant waiting for a warm meal while quietly playing with a toy.