Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can we go to the Mountains?

I love warm weather or should I say warm(er) weather? I had so much more energy and was more motivated to do fun stuff with the boys. I wanted them to see the whole world (minus the house and every detail of it) and of course by Grady's nap time.
Porter wanted to hang out with some miniature buddies his size. There were no friends available. I looked high and low and then he started to cry from disappointment. Earlier that day, while driving around, I told him to look at the mountains and see how beautiful they were. Then he said, 'Lets go to the mountains mom'. Well, when the tears pulled at momma's ol' heart strings, I said, 'Porter, hey! We can go the mountains!' He was cheered.
We drove for over half an hour talking about the big hills and noticing how the mountains were getting bigger and closer. oooh. We pulled over at Allen Bill Pond. I put Grady in the snugli and Porter and I took a hike into nature's heart (aka always within view of our van). I actually got a little freaked out because there was a truck there but nobody around and I didn't have a cell phone. For a short while I thought what if someone or something attacks and no one knows we're out here. My crazy mind thought of that young folk singer who was killed by coyotes! Thankfully, we made it out safe and sound while having a rockin'awesome time being outside without Grady having snotsicles form. What a blessing. Good riddance you annoying snow and bring on the good times with my two little dudes.