Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soccer Mom

Our car went to car heaven, although I prefer to think it went to car hell where it deserved to go. As a result, we just bought a Honda Odyssey mini van. Lane thought he was too cool for a mini van but when you have a family and SUV's are for the elite, a mini van is the next step in life. Lane has since looked at the brighter side of things and has re-named the Odyssey the 'Silver Bullet'. That's positive thinking.
This past Saturday, April 25, was Porter's first soccer game. He is in the NSD league on the Cougar team. Get this, his jersey is navy blue and he's a cougar...a little BYU action anyone? Go Cougars! Riding in the mini van for the first time as a family, we headed to the soccer game. Wahoo, soccer mom, soccer dad, soccer star, and darling baby arriving in the Silver Bullet. We had some good friends of ours who have their daughter in the same league mock us all day long for our cliche. What's there to dispute? It was a great day though despite the cold weather. We were so proud of Porter seeing him play soccer. I love this time and this age. They're starting to be able to develop so many talents and experience and enjoy so much more.

He got two goals with the help of Pappy. Lane and Porter are going to practice soccer in the backyard just to reconfirm the idea of kicking the ball in the right direction. The tricky thing is you tell them to share all the time and then in soccer you're telling them to take away the ball from the other kid. Tricky, tricky.
Tons of fun though! I couldn't believe how much fun I had watching him play soccer for the first time! It's official, I am a proud soccer mom who drives a mini van....and who is supercool.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sewing champ!

You know, for the past year I have been endeavoring to learn how to sew. In my mind it was something much too difficult, strenuous and detailed for me to consider. My last memories of sewing was the unfinished Laurel project and my mom and I having a loud (a.k.a yelling) conversation. I'll admit, although not always, this was my fault. I had no patience for details and mistakes, take a look at my handwriting for proof.

Well, all of that is in the past for as I hit the year 25 of my existence, I'm a new gal. I like being able to personalize things to my taste and I enjoy sewing. It's rewarding to see something I did being used and looking cute! My friend, Stephanie got me started and convinced me it was possible. I'm a believer. I started slow with a pair of slippers that I never completely finished for almost 9 months. I think because I took so long, the satisfaction was more of a relief instead of a giddy, clap your hands, kind of a moment. Observe. Well, there will be a picture up soon. Adorable! My first present for Grady began before he was born and finished 3 months after his arrival. My personal favorite is the button touch. Precious!

Next, I did two projects at one. I'll reveal I was feeling a little risque and confident. But guess what? I finished them! This would not be possible without Marna Martin, one of the great sewing teachers of our time. :) I did a purse for my niece for her birthday out of pink, jersey knit camoflague. Unfortunately, my plain bag that I put my heart and soul into and spent hours on (due to my lack of skill), was no match for princess Jasmine and feathered plastic shoes. It's okay, I understand that when you're 3, handiwork is no match for pink clad action figures.
I still need to get a picture of it. I forgot to get a picture of it before I gave it away!

The other project was a pair of turtle pajama pants for Porter. What a success! He loves turtles because a good friend of ours, Erin Walters, has two adorable turtles named Watson and Crick. We call his pants the Watson and Crick pants. I was over sewing with friends and our great teacher and finished them up at 10:30 pm. I got home at quarter to 11:00 and showed Lane my MASTERPIECE and then despite the late time, I had to show Porter! It couldn't wait! My joy had to be shared and well, they were his anyway. I ran into his room, woke him up out of bed and showed him his turtle pants. He was very happy in his incoherent state. I quickly changed him into his new, amazing pajama pants so he could bask in glorious sleep for the rest of the night in his new pants.
Note the strewn matching pajama bottoms on the floor in the background. Good riddance because they are no comparison to the best turtle pants in the!