Monday, May 2, 2011

My Hairy Concern

Grady really needs a haircut! It's so long right now. If he puts on a hat, the poor dude turns into Cousin It Jr. (but with more texture of course!). The dilemma is thus: when I get his hair cut it goes straight for about a month and once it gets longer, it returns to my satisfaction level of large/voluminous and curvy/curly. I want to get family pictures done BUT if I get it cut now, that means I risk losing the curl...but he needs it shorter.
This may not be an epic decision like those determining to go to war but I, in my little homey, small world am torn by his hair. His hair is near and dear to me. I'm getting 1/4 of an inch cut off today...Maybe this less is more approach will work.

Here is Grady shortly after a haircut (with his mouth full. He really gets a kick out of showing people his food. I have many pictures under the category: Grady's seafood):

Here is my baby after it is grown out:

AND, Just for FUN!
These pictures were taken back in January. I could not stop laughing that day. I did his hair in what I felt was style: un chic mobster. I'm sure I gave him a complex because every time I looked him in the face I burst out laughing. Picture how you would feel if every time someone looked at you they started laughing! Still, I indulged myself. We were on our way to Church and Lane claimed Grady was not his son that day. That's cool. It was all worth it, sadly to say, for my own entertainment. My justification is he is incredibly adorable and can work that ponytail!
p.s. Inspired by my cousin Sarah who did it to her son first. The idea was a keeper and I followed likewise. It would've been even better if we could've gone to Church together with both our boys in such spectacular and might I say, fashion forward, hair statements.


The Pratts said...

Haha, love the mobster hair. I can't believe you took him to CHURCH like that. So hilarious! Those curls really are adorable! If it goes straight after his cut, you could always try diffusing it for the family pictures. It might work!

Ashley said...

oh my GOSH is he CUTE!!! his dimples r to DIE for!! i like his curly hair too. but i agree a lil 1/4 inch trim would be ok... i'm sure of it. oh he's sweet! my mom LOVES ponytails on guys :o) even got my dad to wear one once. (he never left the house with it but heck she got to see him wearing one! LOL)

kimara said...

What a cute little mobster! I love his curls. Can't you just cut it a bit?

Domestic C.O.O. said...

I am falling off my chair laughing. LOL doesn't cut it here. He is going to hate you when he gets older. I am so glad we are moving back because I had no idea how cute he was/is. I love, love, love his curly hair. I should grow Coopers out and see if it looks anything like his. I hope so. It is curly but I am not sure if he could pull it off as well as Grady.