Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Projects

I really enjoy giving out little gifts. I know it makes people feel great to be thought of and in a sense, it's a form of service to be thinking of others. Any kind of holiday or random project is fun either to do on my own or to get the two mr.handsomes to help along.
Sometimes I still find it odd because six or seven years ago, this was not in my personal repertoire but now I hope that one day doing the 'little things' or going just a little above and beyond the norm, or doing something pleasantly unexpected for others will be something that my kids will remember and carry on. By golly, I think I'm fleshing out part of my legacy to pass on! Well, I'll be darned. ;) Although to clarify, my Mom did try to teach me to write thank you cards and be a good guest but I'll admit when the world truly revolved around me, I wasn't consistent at these acts. Now I try to do that and more.

People, who does not love a cheesy play on words? As much as people mock puns and combo words, everyone secretly has an initial little laugh. Just let it out. They're almost sort of funny! 'Smeeps' is funny and a cheery delivery around Easter time. I got this idea off of eighteen25.

A birthday present I gave to my friend. I got the idea off of House of Smith.

This was just a fun project for thing 1 and thing 2 (I think that's what I'm going to dress them up as for Halloween! It's so me.) Porter and Grady's lives revolve around cars, more especially the ones that look fast. They got to paint their own and for almost a whole day, they loved to play with them. Porter was very particular with his. He really wants a race car with blue wheels. He always talks about being a race car driver that drives a car with blue wheels. In addition to this desire, he told his kindergarten teacher his name is 'Speed'. He has already told me this many times but now he's trying to make official in his social circles. Last year his name was to be McQueen but now he claims McQueen is for babies and he is Speed Racer who is faster than McQueen. As humorous as this all is, never laugh because he is dead serious. ;)


Domestic C.O.O. said...

Too cute and funny all at the same time. Thanks for the tip to not laugh. I will be sure to keep that in my back pocket for SUNDAY! Yay. I am so excited to see everyone. Your little men sure do take the cake on being handsome. Way to go Lane and Stacey.

kimara said...

I love all your projects! I bet the peeps get really big! Cute idea. It looks like Porter is really a good little painter! His dad is rubbing off on him...speed! You need to be taking him to the ballet or something to balance that out! lol

Kendra said...

The smeeps were SO good! I've actually had a craving for smores ever since...haha.

The Lowries said...

Yay...I can finally leave a comment on your blog (now that it has taken me months to figure out this whole blogging thing). I decided to come back on here and comment on things that I wanted to comment on before, when it wouldn't let me before...anyways, I wanted to say, I LOVE my plate! I am obviously still using, seeing as how it is sitting on my counter beside my bread machine. We didn't unpack a lot of things during this move because we aren't going to be here for very long (I don't even have pictures on our wall), but I made sure my 'menu' plate made it out to our counter for some good use. Thanks again ;-)