Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, this is a family blog. I showed Lane my progress on my attempt to keep a blog and he said so sadly, so pitifully, 'There's no pictures up of my mancation.' What's a mancation you ask? It's a vacation for boys. Stinky, adorable boys. He and usually his brothers go quading in either Idaho or Utah. They get giddy at the thought of the next one. Lane started doing up a grocery list and menu six months before they went! That's excitement. That's why I could never say no. Who knows what suckered me in, maybe it's the freckles, cleft chin, who knows? Actually, I know but it's a pretty long explanation so we'll leave it at the jest on his freckles.

Lane, Brham, Kale, my cousin Sean, Kale's old mission companion Hess & his Pop all enjoyed some time in a trailer in Little Sahara, Utah.
One of the most impressive things they did was make a hot tub in the box of Brhams's truck. I thought it was hiarious. This is what happens when you get some Scout alumni together.

Stories to laugh at

Porter gave his first talk today in primary. It was about how baptism and confirmation bless our family. I was whipsering the words to him and therefore, he whispered the words to everyone else. Lane said the only thing he could hear was, 'Baptism. Confimation. Blessings. Jesus' in audible whispers. Quite cute, quite right. He seemed to like it up there. He started laughing at one of the kids and couldn't stop. It took a while to re-focus on the talk. He liked the podium. Clearly a better view of what was going on. The primary was there to entertain him. ;)

A few weeks ago, I asked Porter what he learned in primary. He said, 'Jesus died on cross.' I was really impressed that he took that away from primary BUT I wanted to emphasize that the most important thing is that Jesus lives. So I got him to repeat, "Jesus died BUT.....(drum roll) HE LIVES!' Big emphasis on 'BUT' dramatic plause and then enthusiastic, 'HE LIVES'. Many a days passed and he told me out of a random conversation that included trains, chocolate, milk in a sippie cup, and Jesus died. Then he looked at me and said, 'But he lives!' He got it and I hope that means more and more to him as time goes on.

Yesterday morning, Porter informs me that he must poo. I had my friend Wendy staying at my house and she said, 'What's that Porter?' Porter replied, "I need go poo. Want to come?" I mean who wouldn't? It's a nice, casual, social engagement. It was hilarious. He was just so openly extending an invitation for her to come hang out with him while he took in Lane's words, a 'duke'.
It's funny. Speaking of Porter pooing...I have to ask him while he's in the bathroom if he's done because if I dont' check in, he'll just get off the toilet and walk around with fecal matter attached to his bottom. There's no waiting around for the wipe. I have to be on top of my game when he announces the poo is here. So as I periodically call and say, "Porter are you done?" If he's not he'll say with a strained and grunting voice, 'Almost (strain, grunt) there.'

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roll-over Champ

On April 13th, Grady was having the recommended amount of tummy time, when before my very eyes he pusehd himself up, teetered and rolled over on his back! Brilliant child! It was very exciting. For a moment I considered it a fluke but now he won't stop. In fact, I was attempting to take pictures of his victory but he would rollover before I could take the picture! So in order to get the pictures I had to hold him with one hand to keep him on his tummy, while I stretched back and tried to position the camera. I then strategically released my hand and was hoping to catch the roll-y moment. I did this several times in order to get the pictures I wanted.

After our photo shoot, I think he thought I didn't want him to roll over probably from me holding him back from rolling so I could take a pictue. If only that could be explained to a 3 month old! He temporarily quit rolling over. He would remain on his tummy and stare at me. The next couple of days I had to re-teach him that rolling over was good. So I would put him on his tummy and give him a little push to tip him over, then enthusiastically cheer. I had to revert the false lesson. Thankfully, he now rolls over whenever he pleases with the promise that no one will stop him again. Go Grady!

Amazing Quilt!

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