Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Re-cap Part 1: Wendy's wedding

As I have written under every picture, it has more turned into an ode! Quite lengthy but I feel like I have to be honest and my thoughts are always long. In fact, this was practically cutting it short as I could've written a short novel about each person from this trip who has meant a lot to me and who I grew up with in the best way.

Night before the big day! I couldn't peel myself away from talking to everywhere that night. So many amazing friends were there in one place! How often does that happen anymore? Rare to none. We all came to celebrate the same gal and guy. Wendy and Hari!

Hermie and I had no qualms about writing BFF since we were 13. It was so amazing to spend some time with her. We haven't spent one on one time since we were roommates, years ago when I was young. ;) I got to see how amazing she is as a Mom and a wife and I learned a lot about running a household just by watching her for a few days. It's amazing how people change and grow and yet are still the same in the special, core of who they are. Growing up we laughed so hard we couldn't breathe, we both could be prideful and had awesome tempers, but we could be completely ourselves and we would only become better friends at the end of every day. I remember one time she asked me something and I lied because I knew, I KNEW what I was doing was wrong and I was embarrassed to admit it but she called me on it and once again, we were better friends for that. I still feel bad for lying but I'm glad she forgave me! I miss having her apart of my everyday life. I really, really do! That's where life gets a little unfair. I guess the great part is though that we'll always be friends, I can still borrow her clothes (be it difficult with the distance), and there's still so much more fun we're going to have. I feel grateful when I think of Hermie.

Dearest Rebecca and Donna. I remember one time I saw Rebecca after it had been a long time and we both started crying at the same time. It was awesome. Donna was the toughest girl I ever met. She's the youngest of 15 and the siblings just above her were the twins, David and Darin. Their favorite game: slaps.

This happened to be a really emotional day for me. I was with so many people I grew up with but hadn't seen in years. Being able to attend a beautiful temple wedding and then being there with these people I love and care about made me feel so grateful. Good thing Sandy-pants was there because I knew I could find a tearful moral support with her.
Sometimes it is so easy to feel lonely but when I was there, all I could think about was how blessed I felt to be with all these friends and how they had shaped me to become the adult I am. Even though my Mom was totally ticked off when I came home at three in the morning at the mature age of 14, the wrath was by far less severe because I was at the Hornberger's house. Harmless fun in my Mom's eyes and it was true. For me, it was REAL FUN! I watched the most ridiculous movies at the Hornbergers, played violent games of fruit basket turnover, Hermie and I borrowed each other's clothes constantly and lip synced to Duke of Earl. It was because of the people I was saw at that wedding: my testimony had grown to be solid, I learned about the scriptures, I built lasting friendships, I chose to go to BYUI and I felt like a part of friendships that felt like family. HENCE the tears. I think it was the combination of us all being together and me staying at Hermie's house and experiencing a beautiful wedding of an amazing friend, that led to my nostrils flaring and tears trickling (flooding) down.

Posing with my pal, Hermie Kay

T. Lawrence/White, preggers and pretty. Tanya and I lived together when I was 16. I hear I was a royal pain in her behind at times but it made for a life long friendship. We used to always say (in parts, no less): "We are one. One in mind. One in purpose." Typing it sounds weird but we always said it with the right amount of genius humor.

Prettiest dress I have ever seen. I felt luxurious myself just by beholding it with my eyes.

I loved the flower balls! They are gorgeous. With the beautiful gardens and swans, it felt so ethereal.

This is my idea of a great pose. We weren't very good at keeping our balance. This is tame compared to the pictures I have of her/us. I still have a treasured picture with Hermie wearing a Biore strip.

The reception at La Caille.

Can I hear an 'OH!'? It is the Canadian table! Our table ruled. It was such a fun wedding! My pals from the north who banded together. Later that night there was a dance. An awesome dance. This wasn't your average Church dance wedding. Hari (Wendy's husband) is part of an African dance group and they brought some serious life to that party! It was so much fun just to watch them! I felt like a stiff board trying to dance next to them...they were that good! This wedding was perfect...literally! H&W are in love, amazing people came together to be there for it, and then there was a rock n' roll party after!

W is for Wendy Wednesday. Wendy took me in when I was 19 and 20 and every year after. We're both from old W-town but she was gone by the time I moved there. We had the town/branch connection and so when the going got tough at home, I moved to Edmonton with $8 left in my bank account. I moved in with Wendy and the girls at age 19, during the summer before my sophomore year at BYUI. We have had SOOOOO much fun together. I can talk to Wendy forever and never feel the need to stop. I ruthlessly peer pressure her into staying up late with me whenever we get together (she's a real trooper). She became the truest of friends over a thousand fun dates, rooming together, laughing, seeing things. I met Lane when I lived with her. She saw the whole, mushy thing. I think Hari is awesome and I was so excited but I was sad to say goodbye to the Wendy I was able to have all to myself. haha When we were in Utah last summer, any time we went somewhere cool or when we went to Education week, Wendy was able to come and make it that much more fun. I miss her so much! She became a part of my everyday life and then she headed for the sun and found her hunk a hunk of burning love. Congratulations my dear, lovely friend.

At the end, I had a new adventure. Hermie went home with her hubby and family and I was going to catch a ride with Laurel. I didn't know Laurel as well but I had no worries about the drive back. Well, as it turns out, there was a huge game or concert, mixed in with a few wrong turns and it took hours (well at least 2) to get back. By the time we made it to Provo, I was almost bummed we were already there because I didn't want to part so soon from the party in the car. I now dub Laurel my road trip buddy because we were in that car long enough to have made it a road trip. It was so much fun! We talked and laughed AND talked an laughed. My only regret is not getting to know her middle name or favorite color because the ultimate road trip buddy should know that. Next time Laurel, next time. The whole trip was fantastic guessed it, FUN!! I had my birthday out there too. I felt like I made some new friends out there. Karen and I had hung out before with Wendy but I got to know her so much better this time. We're like decade old friends now. ;) Kass made me a cake for my birthday (I felt like a birthday celebrity after that cake) and I love talking with her! Her, Dorthy and I, all went in on some perfume to get the fourth of july perfume deal. Cashmere shea is delectable.
As for Dorthy, I danced for her as a teenager, to my still present embarrassment and so we go way back.
Oh, back to cake. At Dorthy's they gave me a birthday cake which looked amazingly like Wendy's wedding cake. Wedding cakes are so useful that way! Re-usable! Then on top of the delicious hand-me-down cake, Kass made one...for real! I am a lucky lass.
I got to see Susan's brand new baby (tiny and adorable) and sadly, Sandra (previously my teary eyed support) was not there. She was missed.
Wow. Awesome week of my summer!

I LOVE Provo. It feels so wonderful when I'm there. I was there for the fourth of July but guess what folks, it was on a Sunday! So, fireworks were on Saturday and the parade was on Monday. I missed the parade which I bitterly wept about. It would've been my first fourth of July! I couldn't bitterly weep for too long though because the fireworks were a blast! We have nothing on their celebration down there! The streets were closed off everywhere and people could set off fireworks wherever they pleased! It was totally awesome! I felt like I was getting away with something bad because you want to hear a capital 'I' for Illegal in Canada! It was a blast! Dorthy and Paul's kids made sure to catapult multiple little cracker thingy's my way for initiation. I felt like I had to run away from children. haha No, it was so much fun! The Hornberger clan took me in and let me join in on their prime blanket spot.

How I could go on. Wendy, wedding (the main event full of high class citizens, like myself), sleepovers at Hermie's, cherished friends, new friends. Should I write a poem?
It was a beautiful week.
Summary: Awesome

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Get Lost in Those Eyes

Aye, me he's more cute than cute even is!
Today, he spilled his milk. Actually, he took his cup and dumped it upside down on the table and then sloshed his hands through it to spread it around, all the while maintaining eye contact. I expressed my disfavor for those naughty actions. He just smiled and then splashed his hands in the milk a couple of more times for effect. Punk!
Yet, I melt when I look at him! This may be a spoiled child in the making because I'm going soft in my old twenties.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Baby's in School!

A Little Somethin'Somethin' to start the year right.

Meet the Teacher. Porter and Mrs. Havens. Porter had a runny nose. Poor fella.

Morning Breakfast!

How to even begin this topic! I was so excited for Porter a couple of months ago, but as the time got closer the dread set in. Porter was thrilled for school and being a 'grown up' as he puts it but as a Mom I lose so many things. I have no idea what's going in there, I want to make sure he has help, he has friends and now, my jurisdiction is limited in the school realm. An era is gone! We can't go do whatever we want and party it up at the zoo at any hour of the day or take a little road trip and stay for how ever many days. There is so much more outside influence. I came to this realization pretty strongly. This is why what we do at home before they go to school is so important because from here on in for me, he has more and more outside influence that I have no control over.
Aside from these motherly worries I experience within a five second span, the kid loves it! The day before school, we went to the zoo, then had McDonald sundaes (he excitedly said this was the best thing at McDonalds) and he picked out homemade pizza as his choice of dinner before the big first day. It was fun to do whatever he wanted. For breakfast all he desired was toast, I tried to make it look more pa-zazz by putting his milk in a wine glass.
After school we had a fashion show trying to show off all of his two uniforms. You know you're cute when you can rock a maroon sweater vest. We had some music going and made a runway from the bathroom to the couch. What a superstar. He started to do interpretative modern dance to 'splish spalsh'. What a talented, young mind I've honed!

School Aftermath:
I asked Porter how his teacher was. "She's so, soooo nice."
So you really like her? "She's like really, reeeallly nice."
What did you learn about today? "Lines."
Did you make any friends? "Yah, like all the kids."
Then he pulls out a container saying it's his other snack. I think to myself what other snack? He proceeds to eat chicken nuggets. Uhhh?
"Porter, who gave you chicken nuggets?" --'The teacher'.
"Why?"-- 'So I can grow big and strong.'
"Did all the other kids get chicken nuggets?"--'Yah'
"Did other kids have bigger snacks, were you still hungry?" (even though he still had apple slices left)--- 'Yah, the other kids had really, big snacks.'

Then I start to get worried. Snack time is only fifteen minutes long and they said not to pack a lunch because they're only there less than three hours but what if I didn't pack enough? What if the teacher thought, 'poor, starving, deprived child! I will share my chicken nuggets with him.'
I call Rachael Mason and ask her if it is normal to get chicken nuggets on the first day of school or if I was depriving my child and making him look pitiful on the first day of school. She had a hearty laugh and then I realized I'm a clown. ;) It all made sense, Porter probably got containers mixed up or maybe Mrs. Havens thought it was his. First lesson: you can't take a five year old's word on surprise chicken nuggets because it plays tricks on the mind. I wrote Mrs. Havens and sure enough she thought they were his and all would be rectified returning the now, empty container back to his classmate.

Homework Aftermath:

I'm cuddling with the Po during bedtime. He says, "Why do I have to go to school EVERY day? Don't you know I like to play still?"
I think to myself, 'Honeymoon over so quick?'
Because he's always talking about being a grown up now that he's five and in school, I say, thinking he will be greatly pleased, 'It's because you're a grown up now!'
Porter: 'Mom, I'm not a grown up! I'm just a kid!' Then he takes off his blankets and shows me his legs. 'Look! I'm not that big.'
Ah, sweet boy! I love him! This is definitely a new adventure! He is so excited to be onto something new but there's adjustment to grown-up, five year old heaven. I reassured him he was still a kid and we could still play a lot.