Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Baby's in School!

A Little Somethin'Somethin' to start the year right.

Meet the Teacher. Porter and Mrs. Havens. Porter had a runny nose. Poor fella.

Morning Breakfast!

How to even begin this topic! I was so excited for Porter a couple of months ago, but as the time got closer the dread set in. Porter was thrilled for school and being a 'grown up' as he puts it but as a Mom I lose so many things. I have no idea what's going in there, I want to make sure he has help, he has friends and now, my jurisdiction is limited in the school realm. An era is gone! We can't go do whatever we want and party it up at the zoo at any hour of the day or take a little road trip and stay for how ever many days. There is so much more outside influence. I came to this realization pretty strongly. This is why what we do at home before they go to school is so important because from here on in for me, he has more and more outside influence that I have no control over.
Aside from these motherly worries I experience within a five second span, the kid loves it! The day before school, we went to the zoo, then had McDonald sundaes (he excitedly said this was the best thing at McDonalds) and he picked out homemade pizza as his choice of dinner before the big first day. It was fun to do whatever he wanted. For breakfast all he desired was toast, I tried to make it look more pa-zazz by putting his milk in a wine glass.
After school we had a fashion show trying to show off all of his two uniforms. You know you're cute when you can rock a maroon sweater vest. We had some music going and made a runway from the bathroom to the couch. What a superstar. He started to do interpretative modern dance to 'splish spalsh'. What a talented, young mind I've honed!

School Aftermath:
I asked Porter how his teacher was. "She's so, soooo nice."
So you really like her? "She's like really, reeeallly nice."
What did you learn about today? "Lines."
Did you make any friends? "Yah, like all the kids."
Then he pulls out a container saying it's his other snack. I think to myself what other snack? He proceeds to eat chicken nuggets. Uhhh?
"Porter, who gave you chicken nuggets?" --'The teacher'.
"Why?"-- 'So I can grow big and strong.'
"Did all the other kids get chicken nuggets?"--'Yah'
"Did other kids have bigger snacks, were you still hungry?" (even though he still had apple slices left)--- 'Yah, the other kids had really, big snacks.'

Then I start to get worried. Snack time is only fifteen minutes long and they said not to pack a lunch because they're only there less than three hours but what if I didn't pack enough? What if the teacher thought, 'poor, starving, deprived child! I will share my chicken nuggets with him.'
I call Rachael Mason and ask her if it is normal to get chicken nuggets on the first day of school or if I was depriving my child and making him look pitiful on the first day of school. She had a hearty laugh and then I realized I'm a clown. ;) It all made sense, Porter probably got containers mixed up or maybe Mrs. Havens thought it was his. First lesson: you can't take a five year old's word on surprise chicken nuggets because it plays tricks on the mind. I wrote Mrs. Havens and sure enough she thought they were his and all would be rectified returning the now, empty container back to his classmate.

Homework Aftermath:

I'm cuddling with the Po during bedtime. He says, "Why do I have to go to school EVERY day? Don't you know I like to play still?"
I think to myself, 'Honeymoon over so quick?'
Because he's always talking about being a grown up now that he's five and in school, I say, thinking he will be greatly pleased, 'It's because you're a grown up now!'
Porter: 'Mom, I'm not a grown up! I'm just a kid!' Then he takes off his blankets and shows me his legs. 'Look! I'm not that big.'
Ah, sweet boy! I love him! This is definitely a new adventure! He is so excited to be onto something new but there's adjustment to grown-up, five year old heaven. I reassured him he was still a kid and we could still play a lot.


kimara said...

Awwww... how did he get so big. Sigh time goes so fast! Why the uniform? Is he in a fancy smanshy school! I bet you cried. I know I did.

Jona and Gloria said...

Wow time flies!!!!! Perfect baby is so big now!!! He looks older now... wow... we miss you guys!!

The Pratts said...

I can't believe Porter is in kindergarten, that's crazy! Love the chicken nuggets story, and that he said his teacher gave them to him to help him grow big and strong. Haha!! Can't trust those 5 year olds! I also love the milk in a wine glass, such a fun mom!