Monday, September 20, 2010

I Get Lost in Those Eyes

Aye, me he's more cute than cute even is!
Today, he spilled his milk. Actually, he took his cup and dumped it upside down on the table and then sloshed his hands through it to spread it around, all the while maintaining eye contact. I expressed my disfavor for those naughty actions. He just smiled and then splashed his hands in the milk a couple of more times for effect. Punk!
Yet, I melt when I look at him! This may be a spoiled child in the making because I'm going soft in my old twenties.


kimara said...

He is soooooo darling! How could you ever get made at that cute face!

The Pratts said...

You are so good at telling a story! Haha, I can totally picture him keeping eye contact while making his milky mess. He's adorable.