Friday, March 25, 2011

They're Magically Delicious!

So I found a fun pattern for leprechaun ears on my good blog 'friend', makeandtakes. You know, I loved it when I saw it but I couldn't put my finger on what was a little off. They are hilarious. So check. They were a big hit with the recipients. Check. Ah-hah, the culprit is the fact that leprechauns may wear green, St. Patty's day is characterized by green BUT are leprechauns green? As far as I know in regards to mythical characters (they should be real though. I would be a pot of gold hunter), they are NOT GREEN. They're Irish! Who is green? Yoda. These are the perfect Yoda ears.
Get this! Porter was detailing out the 'Lucky Charms' box and whoever is in charge of advertising did not do their research! Where are his pointy ears? Porter was like, 'He (referring to Lucky) doesn't have pointy ears'. Well, one more thing to add to the pile of things that don't make sense in the world! I told him that there are two species of leprechauns. One type has pointy ears and the other type don't. Now that I write this out, I can't believe I told him that. I should've fully laid the blame on General Mills. ;)

I wanted to give Grady a reward for keeping the ears on for so long (a solid three minutes, which in our terms is likened unto an eternity). I think he is grasping the fact that Mommy wants a picture and then he can dip them in water and tear them to shreds. He humors me. What a good son.

They're so cute! I feel like the dreaded aunt that pinches cheeks but it's worse because I'm their mother! Their cuteness never tires for me. The aggravating whining tires me but the faces the whining comes from does not tire me.

Surprise! Happy St. Patrick's Day! As a side note, I have always been baffled that 'Lucky Charms' does not sell extra bags of just their dehydrated marshmallows. Everyone would buy them! Anyone who eats a box wants to pick out more marshmallows, only to pay for it during the next bowl when the findings are scarce. I would always buy extras to put in my cereal. I would add it to other cereal. If only the right people knew how smart I was! I would let them know they are losing out on a serious money maker. Am I right or am I right?