Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, well, I feel I don't have anything too exciting to tell but to laugh at the funny things my kids do and say or to tally up the number of loads of laundry I wash in 48 hours. I figure my children's hilarity although it probably is the funniest for me, is probably still better than the laundry option. On reflection, maybe I need a new hobby to add variety but for now, I love writing about my kids anyway!
Yesterday, I was at Porter's soccer game. Porter doesn't mind soccer but he more likes chillin' with other four year old dudes than focusing on the ball. All of a sudden, I see him in this other kids' personal space, bellowing and screaming with anger emanating from his gaze. He was like an inch from this other kid's face, having it out. I started yelling at him to stop and the coach started to walk towards them to break it up. He came off the field and I asked him why he would do that.

He said, 'I told him I'm Lightening McQueen and he said I wasn't.'
I said, 'Porter, that's no reason to yell at somebody like that.'
Porter said, 'He was mean to me.'

Oh man. So funny! I was laughing about it today in the car and Porter asked what I was laughing about. I didn't want to tell him that I was laughing at him, so I said I was laughing because I like it.
My friend Tanya pointed out a good thing. Porter is so laid back and the sweetest guy, that most of the time, he lets other kids walk all over him and push him around. He stuck up for himself which he never does. Initially, I scolded him for that behavior (I mean, it was a little extreme) but at the same time it was one of the first times he took a stand for himself which I want to encourage. My dilemma is how to harness that in a good way and when to discourage it; finding the line where it crosses over and then trying to teach that balance to a four and a half year old.
Anyway, later in the game, there was this kid on the opposing team who was like he was born from the Greek gods. He was super-child. He wasn't mean but he took out any child in his way. He sent Riley Layton, Porter's little pre-school friend, off the field crying twice. The second time, Porter was on the field playing when he saw Riley crying. When Porter saw that, he ran after that kid with his arm poker straight in front of him and his hand in a fist like it was a battering ram ready to charge. I had a big smile on my face when I saw it because I couldn't help but find it funny! But once again, I had to call off the charge. I thought it was very noble though that he tried to defend his friend's honor and stick up for him.
Those are my tales of the first soccer game in June. I will continue on as super awesome soccer mom and cheer on my sonny boy as he kicks the ball the wrong way. I love it!


The Pratts said...

Porter is hilarious! And you tell a good story. Makes for some good entertainment! I can't WAIT to put Cohen in soccer. Nothing cuter than kids scoring on their own net and stuff!

kimara said...

That is the cutest blog ever! It made me laugh. Porter is such a card. I am glad that he is the great defender!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

You tell him I said, He's the only Lighting McQueen!