Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer Cap Off- Porter's 5th Birthday

To end the summer with a bang, Porter turned 5!! I can hardly believe my baby is that old. Not to sound cliche, but seriously, how did that happen? He is the most amazing little boy. He's a total goof ball but amazes me and teaches inbetween the goofiness. For example, this morning, I was going to press snooze one more time on the alarm clock when Porter said, "Mom, I don't want to sleep anymore. We need to all get up so we're not late for Church."
He said what I was trying to push out of my mind for another ten minutes on the snooze button but he was right!
Our party was dinosaur themed. Poor guy wanted another Thomas the Tank Engine party but I didn't want to do another one. That would've made three in a row so I can him the option between dinosaur and pirate. He went back and forth between the two until he finally decided on dinosaur.

Pin the tail on the Dinosaur

Crawling through treacherous terrain to find their dinosaur prize

Yet again, more treacherous terrain!

Making dinosaur feet. I thought I was so smart killing two birds with one stone (metaphorically of course) by buying glitter glue instead of glitter and glue. Well, turns out that was a crappy idea to put it bluntly. Glitter glue takes hours, who knows, maybe even days to dry! I had all these imaginings of pictures with all the kids wearing their dinosaur feet and that little hope was thrashed.

My Mom started by telling the kids a bunch of stories. They were hooked! She had them wrapped around her storytelling finger!

Kids encircled about their entertainer.

She made a puppet out of a banana. Now Porter constantly wants his banana made into a puppet.

This cake, though it make look juvenile, was my pride and joy for that day. The hershey kiss spikes were the talk of the table.

Sugar much?

Each kid had an egg with the letter of their first name (this was to prevent one person picking up a bunch, etc.) and then they searched around the Church for their egg.

Little dino jube jubes. They also got a dinosaur balloon and dino water gun. Though trying to think of enough activities to keep kids busy can be tricky, I love planning my kid's birthday parties!


kimara said...

How fun!! Did you do it in wainwright? I love Porter he is such a fun little guy! I hate glitter glue too!!!!

Stacey said...

We had the party in Cranston chapel in Calgary. This was my Mom's second or third party she has been able to make so I made the most of her talents and put her to work with the five year olds. She literally did have them wrapped around her finger. ;)

Krymsen said...

Looks like so much fun! I totally agree with the glitter glue and the time flying by sentiments! Didn't we just have this little people and now they are learning to read and be real, thinking human beings!