Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer Re-cap Part 3: Family Reunion & Vancouver

Lane's family planned their first family reunion. With 9 siblings, plus spouses, and more grandkids than I feel like counting right now, it's hard to get everyone together. We headed off to Portland area where one of Lane's sisters lives for our destination beach house. And may I say, though I've traveled to Portland a few times for reunions on my side of the family, my memory didn't do me justice. It is gorgeous there! Breathtaking! I'd like to go back and do some more touring. AND...AND! On top of that Portland is a hub for great diners (thank you drive-ins, diners, and dives). On the way back we went up through Vancouver where I met up with grandparents. The adventure continued until we made it back to home sweet home. May I say, though this may not be realistic at all, I would like to have this kind of adventuresome fun all the time! It's so much fun to have fun! That statement may not be quotable but it is true.

First stop on the holiday journey: Spokane!

On the way down to Oregon, we traveled down with Lane's best friend and bro, Kale and my buddy ol'pal (works out nice doesn't it?) Kenny AND Porter's fave/ Grady's toy rival, Brookey. Lane and I have never traveled with anyone else before and I loved it! It was so much fun! We shared snacks, pulled over for breaks, got lost together. It was so much fun to travel down with friends! We even got to swap war stories about which child had the best meltdown.

A personal highlight for me! I am all about food. I would travel the globe for the sights and FOOD. I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more...for food, yes I would. This was the Byways cafe. I caught a glimpse of it on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives. I don't know why but I love that show. Actually, I do know why, they show you hidden gems with amazing food and then I even think to myself, 'if I go to that obscure town in Kansas, I am definitely going there!' I narrowed my list down to three diners I wanted to try in Portland but sadly, I only made it to one. On the bright side, I made it to one! I felt like I was going to a celebrity diner. For the records, Lane got amaretto french toast and I got corned beef hash. Also, I couldn't speak about this experience without noting that Grady screamed the whole time, Porter then through a temper tantrum which is surprising for him, and in the end, after being embarassed (it's a diner! It's ten feet long!), Lane and I proceeded to eat in shifts while the other walked around the block. It was worth it.

The Portland Rose Gardens. It was dreamy. :)

The Portland Oregon Temple.

Teaching Grady the fun of smelling the flowers on temple grounds. I made sure to point out many flowers for my photo needs.

The Tillamook cheese factory. I hyped up my little family and those around me because I went here as a kid and loved it! There used to be a tour guide that took you around the massive factory with little samples along the way. Now there's not that. There's a viewing window with some helpful signage. Maybe there cheese became too popular for their own good. Who knows?!

Yes, we had to do tricks for our food. I made a funny, it was a family home evening activity. Lane is so tough he is on the bottom, holding up the masses of children. And bonus, no hernias or popped blood vessels while walking away with a little sugar to quench the carb need.

My niece offered to teach me how to hula dance. My, oh my, I'd be delighted! She was quite a pro. I paled in comparison to her shoulder shimmeys.

This was a sight to behold. They were both laughing hysterically together! Grady just loves her!

Seaside City, Oregon.

The Olympic Cauldron! I was so pumped to see this! I imagined all the excitement from months ago while standing in front of it. I am cheesy, always have been, it's innate but I just think it was so magical when the Olympics were here earlier this year. I wished I was an athlete, to be apart of something that wonderful. Unfortunately, I snow plow down the hill, the whole way! I have always been one for self preservation. It wasn't meant to be but I can say with conviction I truly admire and appreciate the talent and event as a whole.

Grady and Grandpa Seu. This was a really great experience. I don't know my dad's side of the family very well and after taking a family history class, I was more in tuned to ask questions about my heritage. It was really incredible listening to my Grandpa's stories about his past. He used to work for the UN! I'm really grateful for that experience of being able to listen to his story.

Looking over the water in Vancouver.

In fact, not the Orient but a cool area in a beauitful park guessed it! Vancouver!

The Enchanted Forest. I went here a few times as a kid but may I say it is way better to watch your own kids enjoy it. The forest was beautiful and it's filled with sculptures from old nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

A spot of tea?

Wild ride on the log! Whooaa!


Stephanie M Larsen said...

You make traveling look so fun, sometimes hard to do with kiddos!! :) Let's go to New York in a year! Wouldn't that be fun! We'll eat delicious foods, heavy on greasy cheese, and pal around the big city!

Jona and Gloria said...

WOW!!! Perfect baby's hair is lonnng!!! I loved Oregon when we visited.. what a beautiful State! Miss you guys!!!!!

Krymsen said...

I love the Enchanted Forest!