Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Re-cap Part Deux: Erin's Wedding and the Burg

You know, I had several lovely people in my life tie the knot/get hitched/seal the deal, etc this year. I even had to miss a cherished wedding of my friend Erika because it fell on the weekend of my Anth. final exam. This wedding I attended in late July was for my sista from another mista, Erin Jean Walters.
Erin has been everything a great friend can be and helped me climb a lot of obstacles. I feel completely adopted in the Walters family which was an answer to many prayers when I moved to Calgary and was so lonely and needed a little lovin' from family... and that's what I got!
Erin gave so much service on my behalf but thankfully she followed the Savior's example and loved me even more after helping me. whew. hahah We have so many great memories together and she got my back, yo.
Why do I sink so low and complain about the weather when I have so much to be grateful for? Good question.

We drove down to Rexburg, a place that will always feel a bit like home for me and stayed at a hotel with frigid water. Lane and the boys made the most of it. Lane's trying to teach Grady how to blow bubbles in the water. Red cross education for infants, don't y'know?

Oh, man! was Lane a trooper during this hotel stay. I was a bridesmaid having fun while he stayed in the hotel for nap times or early bed times or wrestle times or meltdown times. I still feel like I owe him cookies for that because seriously, I had an awesome time being able to enjoy this beautiful wedding.

Craigo's! It has a pasta and pizza bar. End of story.

Here we are at Porter Park. It is actually called Porter park, which of course we played up that fact to Porter. "How special, a park just for you!" Unfortunately, neither one of the boys thought it was that great. They weren't that cool with getting splashed. Porter was freezing!

Grady is miffed and insulted with the water that reached his face. Here is Lane consoling the poor sir.

After a beautiful temple wedding we waited for the bride and groom to exit. Lane and mine's peaceful exit from the ceremony was cut- like with a samurai knife, because Grady had a meltdown (thank goodness for my bridesmaid status. I felt like I got to dodge that bullet for a day). Above: a picture of the two grumpy's waiting for the two pretty's.

I started to take pictures to pass the time for Porter.

This is Porter on the edge of losing it BUT with my magic camera we had some fun taking about a thousand face shots.

Here's my favorite one. Porter would contort his face and I would continue to snap photos. He would've played this game forever! It was hilarous!

Mr. and Mrs. Lowrie make a grand exit from the Rexburg Temple! They were so happy! They were so at peace and were just beautiful! It was an amazing day that I'm sure they'll always remember as perfect. Their shiny countenances were practically blinding! j.k. Porter loved being at the temple too. He loves temples and are a big topic of interest for the little guy.

These are some classic shots. Erin really is an Auntie to Porter, so of course he needed to be documented in pictures...but not every picture. Here he lays, waiting for his turn in front of the camera. He was such a good example of my excellent parenting that day. Perfect child! hahha He was such a good boy (that's my baby!).

This is the candy table with all candies coordinated to Erin's colors. She left no detail left unturned.

Erin's cake she made the night before. Delish. And might I add it was my recipe! Well, actually, it's Dorienne's recipe but I was the middleman at least. :)

Lovely Erin and I.


Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

What a fun and busy summer you have had! Next time you are in Rexburg please know you and your family are ALWAYS welcome to stay with me, and save your money on a hotel!! I would love to see you!

The Pratts said...

Wow, I haven't been to a wedding forever! I guess that means I am getting old! Hmmm. Anyway, looked like a great time. I love the photo of the bride and groom right outside the temple. Those are always the best pictures. And the one of Grady's sad face and of him with his nose in the corner had me laughing (OL, might I add)...ha!