Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom, Relax!

Geesh! Who knew a girl could be so wrong? I'm surrounded by boys in a 3 to 1 ratio. We're driving along as a family heading towards some unimportant destination when Lane and I start discussing finances. Just because I raise my voice, does not mean I'm just means I'm passionate. I was always so confused when people said I was yelling, it made me get all defensive because I felt they were totally embellishing! I think though, I've had enough people tell me that that it has worked sort of like a comment box. I've tallied them up and there's been enough feedback that clearly I was missing something. Apparently, I talk 'extra' loud when I get excited about something but the heart of the matter is, I'm not really aware that my voice has gotten louder. It's not out of anger but out of my own persuasion! So as I was saying, Lane and I were discussing finances and I was reasoning my way through it when my three year old pointedly says, 'Mom! Relax!'
That was a first ever! Lane and I were shocked without words for a moment before Lane burst out laughing. Lane didn't have to say it out loud, all over his face was the expression, 'awesome.' I'm surrounded by laid back boys and I stand all alone here. Clearly, I need to tone it down for the boys or I'm not going to fit in this crowd. My first thought after I had a chuckle...though not as hardy a laugh as Lane's, was, 'I need to have a girl.' Mommy needs back-up! ahahah
I am the one and only over-exciteable mommy.
I get calm reminders and perspective now from my nearly old, adoring redhead and my ready to raise his folks, three year old.
So funny!


Kendra said...

Heh .. I'll bet Lane LOVED that.

I'm overly-excitable too ... and sometimes i'll carry a tone. My parents hated it growing up.
I concur you do need a girl! That's the only way to achieve the back up that you want. Although, that being said I can only hope that Brooklyn get's kale's laid back attitude. I think it might be easier to deal with.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

You haven't written in a month?? Come on just "Relax" and catch us up on life. Why haven't I heard from you lately??? Did you love confrence today? Me too. I didn't catch the 2nd session, but the first was fabulous! PS There's cute pics of you on my blog.