Friday, January 28, 2011

Tapioca Pudding

This is a tragic tale so prepare your dry eyes for some salty tears. Never mind, it's only truly tragic to myself.
I love tapioca pudding. All the way down in the US of A, you can buy cook n'serve JELL-O tapioca pudding. Here in Canada, all you can do is buy the tapioca beads and make it from scratch. Lame. Oh, how I love my JELL-O cook n'serve tapioca pudding. I had one last, blessed box that I had imported from my last trip when I had the sudden urge to eat it. So I made it but I had my two darling children around. Though deep down, I wanted to eat it all myself, I contemplated and realized I would be a kind, self sacrificing mother; that the act of sharing this highly prized commodity would be forever ingrained in their memories.
Not only did I share but I gave generous portions! This is what I happened upon moments later! Wasted. Porter barely touched his (as in licked his spoon with the very tip of his licking is not the right word, he touched it with his tongue) and Grady dumped his almost immediately and slapped, spread, and swam in his pudding. I gasped and he gave an exaggerated smile and then continued to thwap it with his hands, loving when it sprayed further than the last time. He knew he was cute. I knew he was cute. We had a mutual understanding of this but I still felt that inner sadness as I wiped it all away. BUT he's cute so this account still has a happy ending.


The Pratts said...

You ate Porter's then, right? (haha, at least I would have if I loved something THAT much!)

P.S. I love tapioca, too! I've never heard of the Jell-o version though. Is it as good as homemade??

Anonymous said...

I love tapioca but i had no idea such a product existed! Very funny story. Aren't kids fun?

Stacey said...

Lindsay, this is tough question to answer because I have never had homemade tapioca pudding that I've liked.
I do really like the Cozy Shack, tapioca pudding which is supposed to be like homemade. My own real complaint about the Jell-O version is the tapioca beads are really small. I wish they were bigger and more of them. It's so tasty though, and you eat it hot. yum. Part of the draw too, is it's easy, I just stir AND I can't get it here.
It's like when Bath and Body Works came to Canada. I would buy something from them every time I went to the States but now that it's here, the charm and exoticism (if I can really call the U.S. exotic) is lost.
Bottom line: it's tasty but I would not be shocked to hear that someone could make better. But remember, if you're in a need for a tasty tapioca pudding fix, it's perfect.
I think I also have some sort of sentimental attachment as well. ;)