Friday, February 4, 2011

Grady's Grand 2nd Birthday

Grady, like his predecessor brother before him, loves Frosty the Snowman. When I sing it, Grady gets diggy wit'it and starts bobbing his head to the beat of 'thumpety, thump, thump, look at frosty go'. I figured a snowman themed party was where it's at for my winter baby.

I am aware this tablecloth looks nasty but it was a disposable paper one and we had just had a pancake breakfast on it. I didn't think how it would contaminate my picture so! The main focus should really be on his tiny, cute lips, attempting to blow out two candles, which as it turns out, I blew out for him.

Pancake and sausage breakfast. Ooh la la

How incredibly genius is this?! That's rhetorical. It was not my genius however, but I have to say, I did alter it a though the doughnut head was not my own idea, the felt body was. It was a Neilson milkshake drink (they're nasty by the way, but I figure kids would like it because it's sugary. I don't have great faith in their palates yet. And I mean, I couldn't just buy plain milk, this is a party, who doesn't expect a supply of fun, sweet goodness. Forget the veggie platter.).

Craft. Grady was not interested but it was fun anyway.

Grady is excitedly opening this present from his Aunt and Uncle that was here since Christmas. There was a lot of anticipation behind him finally being able to open it.

This was the take home treat. We like to thank those that party hard with us.


The Pratts said...

LOVE IT! The pic of Grady trying to blow out the candles is the best. And I love the snowman theme! Until lately, I hadn't really though of doing any "winter" themes for either of my winter babies, but I'm seeing so many cute ideas, I'm on board! :)

Erika said...

stacey, for the longest time i wanted you to live in utah with me, but now i don't think i do. you're too good of a mother. when i have kids, they would want you to be their mother. it's too much competition. it's too much pressure. for the first time in my life, i'm grateful for that border between us!!!! seriously, this looked like so much fun!!