Saturday, January 2, 2010

Porter with Grandma in Mind

Grandma Gooding:
"Porter I love you."
"I love me too".
What a guy. :) This is a very good thing. It's a good thing to love who you are. I think children can be crazy, but they understand the world sometimes so much better than we do OR it takes us years into adulthood to realize the same thing we knew as children. I'll remind Porter if he ever forgets. You never realize honesty is hilarious until you talk with a four year old.
I'm brushing Porter's teeth. It feels as though it's torture for both him and me. In my mind, I feel like I am having instant skin degradation and aging from the stress and chemical reaction of my negative thoughts killing my healthy...something, that produces youthful skin. Seriously though, I look in the mirror after and I could swear I look older. While he's screaming during the toothbrushing tonight he says, "GRANDMA IS GOING TO BE SO ANGRY TO YOU!!!" He's probably right. In retrospect, I should've told him, 'Bring it'.
Grandma reads Porter the story, 'I will always love you'. It's about a little boy who always finds mischief. For example, 'Dad, if I get one of your shirts and make a jam sandwich and get jam all over your shirt, will you still love me?' Response: 'I won't like that you got jam all over my shirt but I will always love you. I will teach you to respect other people's belongings and then teach you how to wash the shirt but I will always love you.'
After reading the book, he says to Grandma Gooding, 'Will you always love me Grandma?'
Grandma: 'I will always love you', as she wells up with tears. What a baby my mom can be. ;) It was adorable though.
Disclaimer: I wish I had a better recent picture of the two. I don't know if my mom would love this photo, her hair and make up are not done. Still beautiful to moi.


kimara said...

That is such a nice Tribute to your mom and Porters relationship! What I little cutie! He is at such a fun age enjoy it.

The Pratts said...

Porter's always got something funny waiting to come out of his mouth! What a cute little guy. Oh, and brushing teeth is very similar at our house! You would think it was child abuse by the way Cohen freaks out!!! (I was hoping it would be better by the time he was 4, so thanks for crushing my dreams...haha)

Stephanie M Larsen said...

I love this post! It's one of my favorites. There's is something "magical", yes "magical" about a Grandma's love, it makes me super excited to get old just so I can love one litlte person that much!